Partnership projects

We announce a call for applications twice a year. The procedure is closed in mid-March and mid-April.


Calls for applications are held on a continuous basis: we welcome Polish entities which have already received funding.

Travel grants

Calls for applications are held on a current basis. Please bear in mind that this applies only to Polish NGOs.




Civic Engagement Workshop

The Civic Engagement Workshop is a Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian programme aimed at promoting informal youth education with a view to inspiring young people to challenge their surroundings. Young Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian participants of the ...
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The Youth Development Centre of Competence in Edinet

Edineț is a multinational northern Moldovan city with a population of approx. 20,000 residents. This city's young people were the target of the 2014 youth support project conducted by the ...
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Alternative preschool education in Georgia

The cooperation between the Łomża-based “Educator” Social and Educational Association for Supporting Victims and Disabled Persons and its Georgian partner, Civitas Georgica, has for years enabled supporting the establishment and ...
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Map of RITA projects

Soon we will upload a map of projects which were implemented in the region between 2010 and 2015 thanks to co-financing granted under the RITA –”Region in Transition” Program.