Partnership projects

We announce a call for applications twice a year. The procedure is closed in mid-March and mid-April.


Calls for applications are held on a continuous basis: we welcome Polish entities which have already received funding.

Travel grants

Calls for applications are held on a current basis. Please bear in mind that this applies only to Polish NGOs.




My child is deaf

Irina is deaf. When she picks up the phone, workshop participants observe with curiosity as she dials and hands the phone over to her interpreter, who temporarily becomes her voice ...
Czytaj Dalej

“Kaliningrad Oblast: knowledge of and respect for history = local patriotism = civil society”.

For the title equation to work, one has to start with providing local residents with information on the history and culture of their region. In the Kaliningrad Oblast, this proves ...
Czytaj Dalej
Herbaciane pola w Tkibuli

The tea fields of Tkibuli

Only the top two leaves and the bud are nipped off a tea tree. These form the essence of highest-quality tea. Manual tea collecting is anything but simple: it requires ...
Czytaj Dalej