Travel grants



na-wyjazdyWhen implementing projects in cooperation with foreign partners, Polish organisations often face the challenge of covering travel costs.

Sending Polish employees abroad is not much of a problem as long as it’s part of a specific project, yet other trips frequently lead to the incurring of costs which have to be covered by NGOs. To provide some examples: costs related to project planning, sum-ups of project outcomes or participation in foreign conferences. Such expenses often prove necessary to strengthen and develop partner relations.

The RITA program aims at fulfilling those needs and creating opportunities for organising trips of Polish NGO representatives to program states.


Application rules


Travel must serve a specific purpose – detailed application principles are available in Polish.


Frequently asked questions


No, travel grants are available to all applicants (see principles for application in Polish for details) and are awarded under grant-making competitions. As a result, funding is granted to most expedient trips.

At the moment, the travel grant offer is available only to Polish NGO representatives.