Civic Engagement Workshop

The Civic Engagement Workshop is a Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian programme aimed at promoting informal youth education with a view to inspiring young people ...
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The Youth Development Centre of Competence in Edinet

Edineț is a multinational northern Moldovan city with a population of approx. 20,000 residents. This city’s young people were the ...
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Alternative preschool education in Georgia

The cooperation between the Łomża-based “Educator” Social and Educational Association for Supporting Victims and Disabled Persons and its Georgian partner, ...
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My child is deaf

Irina is deaf. When she picks up the phone, workshop participants observe with curiosity as she dials and hands the ...
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“Kaliningrad Oblast: knowledge of and respect for history = local patriotism = civil society”.

For the title equation to work, one has to start with providing local residents with information on the history and ...
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Herbaciane pola w Tkibuli

The tea fields of Tkibuli

Only the top two leaves and the bud are nipped off a tea tree. These form the essence of highest-quality ...
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